What Emmaus IS and is NOT

The Walk to Emmaus is Not:

  • A cult
  • An exclusive club for 'super Christians'
  • A replacement for a person's home Church
  • A place to fix emotional, psychological, social and marital problems
  • A reason for a person to act as if they are better than others

The Walk to Emmaus Is:

  • A place where a person learns how to become a better servant to fellow believers in Christ (Philippians 2:1-11)
  • A place where a person sees the love of Christ in action
  • A time of spiritual renewal and rededication to Christ as Lord
  • An opportunity to grow as a disciple of Christ
  • A place to be reminded of one's "first love", Jesus Christ
  • A gift of God's love for you
  • An opportunity to revaluate your priorities in life
  • A place to experience God's power and direction in your life
  • A time of prayer, fellowship and communion
  • An opportunity to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ
  • A discipleship group to encourage you after the Walk
  • A program to strengthen leaders in the local Church
  • A call for unity among believers