About EMSA

Emmaus Ministries South Africa (EMSA) was previously known as Africa South.

The EMSA Board shall administer and control the activities of EMSA. The EMSA Board consists of the elected and serving Lay and Spiritual Directors of each Emmaus and Chrysalis community within its area of jurisdiction and the elected and serving EMSA Executive. The Upper Room has a local representative on the EMSA Board to protect its interests and achieve its objectives.

The EMSA Board receives and accepts guidance from the Upper Room and its executive International Advisory Committee.

EMSA and its Board accept that the Upper Room is the licensed holders of the copyright to the Emmaus Walk,  the Chrysalis Flight and Face to Face programmes and will ensure that these programmes are presented in accordance with the directions of the Upper Room and in compliance with the registered copyright.

The EMSA Board is responsible for the proper running of the Emmaus Programmes, for providing resources for communities to run these Programmes and for the expansion of the programmes throughout its area of jurisdiction. The EMSA Board will, through its executive committee, ensure that the communities operate within the mandate received.

The EMSA Board will approve the formation of new Emmaus Communities as per its Constitution and the Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus.